Phar Lap The Champion 1932

This video tell the story of "Phar Lap" and his accidental death of an overdose of tonic used by Harry Talbot the horses trainer he living at Braeside ,Victoria,Australia in the 1930's. When Phar lap ingested this overdose the young strapper Tommy Woodcock was devistated by what had occurred to his lovely placid charge. As both of them were sent to the United States to make a name for themselves and Telford of coarse! Phar Lap may be gone now but his SPIRIT remains with many to this day? And it haunts the Australian racing industry and the community in general in Victoria as he was a remarkable horse with a placid gentle nature and deep love in his undying spirit! Here's to Phar Lap old son! I'll always remember you through Tommy's description and stories of you! A Gallant Gentle Giant Steed indeed! Phar Lap!