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The Neural Algorithms have stood the test of time and remain one of the most popular form tools offered on the Racing and Sports ('RAS') website.

The Neurals enable you to rate and price all of the races presented on the RAS site, both local and international.

The Neurals will quickly identify the main chances in a race based on 12 key form factors.

In the development of the neural engine, RAS computer ran over 2.5million simulations to determine the most relevant.

The 12 key form factors are:

CP - Career performance assessment by class/weight
TIM - Revolutionary time assessment
TA - Trainer ability
BP - Barrier position ranking (course and distance)
Crs - Course suitability
PM - Prizemoney earned
CF - Current form measured by class/weight
JA - Jockey ability
JT - Jockey/trainer combination
WET - Wet track performance
D - Distance suitability
DLR - days since last run

These 12 key form factors can they be ordered/scaled by order of importance, according to you the user.

The Set Preference Scale displays all 12 form factors and a scale from 0-5.

By changing the weighting of each factor, it alters the neural ratings and hence you are presented with a new market.

Neurals are something you have to work on over time, but once happy with your formula, they can be used to make a profit.

They provide an alternative to the standard practices and are a great starting point for anyone wanting to get more serious about their form.

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